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Options for the agency with the cheapmedia.ru platform

The cheapmedia.ru team has developed convenient options for interaction with agencies:
In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”
You can conclude an agreement on behalf of your agency, but use the paid services of the cheapmedia.ru advertising platform through your personal account and get an agency discount for this.

You can conclude an agreement on behalf of Chipmedia.ru LLC for a client and after paying the invoice you will receive cashback to your company's account.

Referral program. In your personal account in the finance section, your referral link is indicated. You can indicate it on your sites to attract customers through an affiliate program. When a customer clicks on a link, your referral code is saved in the browser cookies. If after some time the client decides to register, he will be linked to your partner account, and you will receive a reward from all his payments.

You can also ask for your affiliate code when registering without posting links.

Important! The client must register as an advertiser, only in this case you will receive a reward.

Figure: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/7OeDcQdVJwUmKW43X5FUTJKSHP3OaVhKxyQAD6nd7JviVdQT1DSfsdDmZIFhS3RRQR...

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