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Referral program

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Referral program

Get 5% of the costs of the attracted client. for life Make money by helping people find a convenient service to run ads in any media.

1. You place an affiliate link on your site or share a promo code with friends
2. A person follows a link or enter a promotional code when registering.
3. When paying for the first placement, the client receives a bonus of $15.
4. You get 5% of all your referrals for your life.

The program operates without time limit. You just need to attract a person once and get a reward while he uses the services of cheapmedia.

Get the link and promo code in your account in the “Affiliate Program” section. Both ways of connecting referrals are equal and self-sufficient: if a person follows the link, then you do not need to use a promotional code, and vice versa.

Affiliate links

Place the link along with the promotional material (article, banner, news). If the visitor following the link becomes our client, then you will earn money with us.

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Promotional codes

Promo code is easier to transmit by phone or in person. Report it to your friends, friends, clients, employers, etc. They will be able to use this promo code when registering with cheapmedia.

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How to attract customers?

As part of the affiliate program, you can use any advertising methods that meet our conditions:

  • Place banners and buttons on your pages
  • Post text link
  • Write text, post, article, etc., which encourage the customer to place an advertisement through cheapmedia
  • You can use offline advertising, personal calls and meetings and transfer your promotional code, which gives a bonus to the client.

      Стать партнёром      

Your benefits of participation in the program

1. You get income for life. You only need to attract a person once to receive deductions from all his expenses while he is using chepmedia.
2. Minimum effort. You just need to post a link once or, while doing your main activity, simultaneously talk about cheapmedia and distribute the promotional code.
3. You recommend a useful service that helps your friends and partners save time on the launch of advertising.

Referral Program Terms

You are registered in the cheapmedia system, an agency agreement has been concluded (it is created automatically when you enter a company card).
Advertising is carried out within the framework of business ethics. It should not violate the laws of the Russian Federation.
Also prohibited:
  • advertise cheapmedia services for activities contrary to the Terms of Service
  • distribute the referral link or spam promotional code (including on the forums)
  • impersonate cheapmedia, it should be clear from advertising that you are a partner
  • use in advertising the name cheapmedia or its derivatives
  • place a promotional code on open resources on the Internet (the promotional code is designed to attract customers offline) or create pages with the phrases "cheapmedia promotional code", "cheapmedia discounts" and their derivatives
Employees cheapmedia carefully analyze cases of violation of the conditions and have the right to refuse payment to the partner.