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Dmitry Gupalo. Founder and General Director of LLC Cheapmedia

We very much appreciate our partners and believe that mutually beneficial cooperation is one of the most important factors for business development. Our company is actively developing and is looking for partners in various fields. If you have interesting mutually beneficial offers - call or email us!

Advertising sellers

Cheapmedia will bring you customers. Place your promotional products in the cheapmedia directory and get customers from different cities.

Advertising Agencies

Purchase ads in different cities in one place. All advertising in one button, convenient tools for calculating estimates and creating media plans. Convenient advertising bing with cheapmedia service

Advertising consultants

Work in which you always come first. Your work schedule. Your personal income. Offer ads that your client needs and earn with cheapmedia

Marketing services for business

Do you have a marketing and marketing department? Your specialists can not cope with the amount of work? Do you want to strengthen the competence of your employees? Our services are for you! A team of experienced professionals will build and format marketing in your company.

ICO projects turnkey

On cheapmedia you will find all the resources for the successful promotion of the ICO project and attracting investors. We collected all the thematic resources on one platform. So that any startup can independently create and run advertising anywhere in the world.

For Investors

We attract investments to scale the project. If you are a venture investor or a representative of the fund - check out our offer.