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Invest in cheap media startup project

Looking for a startup to invest in? Invest in cheapmedia - a dynamic company at the growth stage

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We work in the advertising market. In 2017, the advertising market in Russia is estimated at 410 billion rubles. * The market growth in 2017 was the highest since 2011, 13%

We focus on small and medium business, which actively buys advertising in different media in different cities. The share of small and medium-sized businesses in GDP today is 20%, and the government plans to achieve 40% by 2030

Market participants

Advertiser - buy advertising The seller of advertising (seller) - sell advertising Advertising agency (or private agents) - intermediaries, help advertisers to buy advertising. Advise on advertising

Process of buying advertising

An advertiser can buy ads in several ways:
1. Directly from the seller. This option takes a lot of time - you need to find, request a commercial offer, agree, conclude an agreement, monitor the placement. Especially difficult if you want to run ads in several cities and media.
2. Through an advertising agency. In this embodiment, the advertiser can significantly overpay or run into fraudsters. And advertising will not work after payment.
Processes are the same in all countries, which means cheapmedia can easily scale.

Worldwide advertising markets for 2017 **

US $ 197,181 m.
China $ 58,789 m.
Japan $ 44,695 m.
United Kingdom $ 29,394 m.
Germany $ 26,224 m.
Brazil $ 16,707 m.
South Korea $ 13,227 m.
France $ 13,116 m.
Australia $ 12,340 m.
Canada $ 10,918 m.

Дмитрий Гупало. Генеральный директор

Dmitry Gupalo

Our mission is to make the advertising market more transparent so that the launch of advertising in any media and in any city is simple and fast.

cheapmedia is the platform on which sellers exhibit their advertising products and advertisers buy. Agencies can use cheapmedia to buy advertising for their clients and receive rewards.

Cheapmedia today

- MVP worker
- All cities of Russia (+ selectively several cities in the CIS, Nigeria and other countries)
- 253 advertising platforms in the system
- 5553 promotional products
- We need investments for the rapid growth of the company and entry into new markets

Business model

The seller pays us for the product sold.

The minimum commission of LLC Chipmedia is 15%.

The service is free for the client

Team roles:

- Gene. Director - Strategy, Marketing, Personnel
- Commercial Director - Finance, Accounting
- Technical Director - Development, Technologies
- Support Manager - customer support, product catalog
- Sales manager - processing incoming calls / calls, increasing conversion
- Sales manager - search and connect new sellers
- Agency manager - search and connect new advertising agencies

Medium Term Strategy with Raising the Round of Investments

Investments will allow us to significantly accelerate the scale of the project in Russia. We will focus on mass connection of new sellers and advertisers, promotion of the platform in key regions. To take up to 1.5-2.5% of the regional advertising market in Russia by the end of 2020 and enter the CIS markets.

To achieve results you need:
+ Strengthen the team in development, user support, development of the agent network and marketing
+ Strengthen advertising and PR platforms in key regions
+ Strengthen user support
+ Strengthen the development of the agent network

Result by key metrics:

+ 1 300 advertising sellers in the system
+ 500 agencies and private agents
+ 10,000 customers
+ Revenue 1.98 billion rubles.
+ Attracting a strategic investor


Medium-term strategy without investment

Before the Seed round, we will focus on personal sales to large customers, connecting sellers to customers and supporting the agent network. To in 2020 in the Ural Federal District occupy up to 0.5-0.7% of the regional advertising market.

To achieve using the company's funds:
Negotiations with major customers are conducted personally by foregrounders
Connecting sellers for URFO and for customers - founders
Agent network support - founders
Advertising, PR sales channels - pointwise (Direct, integration into CRM systems, free articles)

+ Result on key metrics
+ 700 ad sellers in the system
+ 20 agents and private agencies
+ 460 customers
+ Revenue 32 mln. rub.