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ICO turnkey marketing for your project

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At cheapmedia you will find all the resources to promote the ICO project

We made advertising of ICO projects transparent and understandable, gathering all the thematic resources on one platform. So that any startup can create and launch advertising on its own in any part of the world.



All the thematic resources on the subject of blockage in one place

All services for creating promotional materials and whitepaper

Convenient payment methods: crypt wallet and checking account

A small agency fee through the automation of processes

Team experience in marketing and PR for over 10 years

$ 30 + million attracted by our projects

ICO turnkey

Want even easier? Select ready-made service packages for the ICO of your project.

Legal support

Registration of the legal entity in countries with suitable regulation creation of legal documents and agreements with investors

from $20000

Preparation of ICO

- Creating and configuring tokens
- Binding purses
- ICO site in several languages
- Whitepaper in several languages
- Promo movie project
- Creating pages in social networks
- Investor's personal area

from $8500


- Support for Community Manager
- Maintain a branch on BitcoinTalk
- Creating and managing a Bounty (Bounty) campaign
- SMM on a turnkey basis. Facebook, Twitter, VK, LinkedIn, Telegram

from $3000


- Preparing news, articles and interviews
- Accommodation on Russian-speaking and English-speaking portals
- Search and preparation of conferences and exhibitions. Prepare speech, promotional materials and speak
- Attracting well-known advisors

from $50000


- Creating promotional materials for video / layouts
- Contextual advertising Yandex, Google
- Banner advertising on thematic sites
- Targeting ads in social networks

from $5000

ICO Trackers

Registration of the project in key catalogs and trackers.
Over 40 sites

from $3000

Listing on stock exchanges

After ICO we will place a token on the main exchanges and provide positive trading on the crypto-exchange markets

from $12000

Search for investors

-Working with funds and investors on corporate communication channels
-Organization of roadshow in profile investment companies

от $7000 + success fee %

Full Service

Complex preparation of your project for a successful ICO "turnkey" (includes all the necessary sections of the work)

from $80000

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Legal support

Do not want litigation? Then the terms of the smart contract, taxes, responsibility to investors - all this should be thought through to the smallest detail. Company registration and development We undertake the contract with the investor.

Preparation of ICO

At this stage, technical training is cover your project. To potential investor wanted invest in your project, and also could do it technically. We carefully analyze your project and help to develop the project economics, form the structure of the future token. We will design a beautiful selling Landing with adaptation for all platforms and translate to basic languages; will help to compile the Whitepaper that describes all significant moments for investors


It is important to recruit like-minded investors, who are ready not only to invest, but also to promote your project. Community manager develops bounty campaign and leads it. Also, the project appears all available channels of communication with investors - social networks, branches on the forums, messengers. We will find and prepare your project to participate in key thematic events and conferences.

PR in the media

To many investors, the level of your project's HYIP is important. About you will write thematic publications, make reviews of the project. This will attract more potential investors and increase the credibility of the project.


You need to constantly remind yourself of potential investors. Therefore, advertising in thematic media, Targeting ads in social networks and in the search engines will be your The project is constantly on the mind of investors.

ICO Trackers

Catalogs and directories on ICO are well indexed by search engines and help investors find a suitable project. Therefore, your project will be in all popular trackers.


At the same time, we run no more than 5 projects. For us, the quality of the services provided and good reviews are more important, than the pursuit of the number of customers. Prior to preparing the proposal, we are working with analysts to study your project. This can take up to 5 days. The period of preparation for the ICO is from 3 months.


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Why cheapmedia?

The launch of the ICO project is a beginner, but a full-fledged business that requires competencies in many areas. Cheapmedia understands what it takes to launch successfully and therefore a team of experts from technical specialists, marketers, community managers, programmers, editors, product specialists, vodochikov, designers, business consultants and investment managers. All the necessary staff for the successful collection of ICO and the launch of your project.