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For whom and how can the cheapmedia.ru platform be useful?

Cheapmedia is a platform for launching comprehensive advertising campaigns in different cities and in different media. Cheapmedia.ru is useful for you if you advertise on several media at the same time and like to work through the "one window".

We have done most of the work for you:
1. Found all ad sellers
2. Bargained discounts and favorable terms of accommodation
3. We placed offers on the platform with convenient calculators for costing
4. We created a media plan designer to create a media plan in different media in a few clicks
5. We connected the seller to the platform so that you can communicate and run ads inside the office

You just have to make calculations and run ads. It’s easy and simple how to shop in the online store.

Therefore, if you are an advertiser or an advertising agency. You need to advertise in different media or in different cities. The speed and guarantee of the output of advertising is important to you. Then the service cheapmedia.ru will be useful to you!

If you still have any questions, please contact us!

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