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Cheapmedia is the first advertising agency with its own newest technologies that help our clients create and promote their brands.


We made the regional advertising market so transparent and understandable, that any advertiser can independently create and post advertising anywhere in the world in a few clicks with the help of cheapmedia.


Technologies cheapmedia allow people to become more effective! Convenient tools for professionals will make an estimate and give calculations to the customer in any city in a short time. A clever algorithm for selecting promotional products will help beginners independently create an advertising campaign in a few clicks.


Dmitry Gupalo


Behind Dmitry more than 500 advertising campaigns of various goods and services. Endowed with strategic thinking, a subtle vision of working mechanics and tools. He has an incredible self-control in all situations. Reliable partner.

Sarkis Jumayan

Commercial Director

Has inimitable abilities to save money and time of our customers. Intelligent and responsible.

Svetlana Kryukova

Project manager

Svetlana is one of the best PR specialists in Russia. Implemented more than 100 projects in various fields from production to politics. He has a bold creative thinking, initiative and responsibility.

What do you get when signing a contract with the agency

1. A team of marketers instead of one full-time employee.
2. Full analytics of past experience of promotion of your company, analysis of competitors' activities.
3. Analysis of your company's demand and product offerings.
4. Development and implementation of the development strategy with plans, budgets, deadlines, points of measurement of results - the whole complex of marketing and PR on a turn-key basis (from mock-ups to advertising channels).
5. Monthly analysis of marketing, adjustment of strategy, budget, campaign.


Do you need to increase sales and attract new customers? Do you have neither a marketing department nor a marketer? Your specialists can not cope with the amount of work. Do you want to strengthen the competence of your employees? Our services are for you! A team of experienced professionals will build and format marketing in your company. We work this way: from analyzing the company's past experience and marketing competitors to responsible implementation of a full turnkey marketing cycle. There were questions - call, write, we will give you an extended consultation.

What is the difference between an agency and a full-time employee?

  1. Savings on Taxes and Payments on PP.
  2. No need to organize a workplace
  3. The team employs a team of experienced professionals, and this:
    • fruitful brainstorming on the development of your company
    • wide experience of agency representatives in different areas of marketing
    • responsiveness and 24/7
    • Simplicity of correction or termination of business relations in case of inconsistency of expectations and facts
If you can find a super-marketer in the staff, which will replace your whole advertising agency, then its ZP will exceed 100 (or even 200) thousand rubles. per month. At the same time he will still need additional hands and feet (employees in the marketing department, contractors, etc.).

The services of our advertising agency are equal to the average marketer's salary, while you get more brains and performers.
We offer you the best solutions to promote your company. Call us at +7 (3452) 612 950