Медиаплан рекламной кампании

Медиаплан рекламной кампании

Планируйте и запускайте рекламные кампании в несколько кликов в разных городах и разных медиа

Service cheapmedia allows you to create media plans

Plan and run ad campaigns in a few clicks in different cities and different media

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How to create a media plan?
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How to get a media plan?

Get ready
media plan

In system cheapmedia.ru there are ready decisions for your business. Choose the industry in which your company operates and see the ready-made effective media plans that are right for you.


Create your own

Plan advertising campaigns and create media plans with cheapmedia. Choose media media (TV, press, radio, outdoor advertising, the Internet) to deliver your advertising message. Start advertising in a few clicks.


Request a media plan by a specialist

Our experts will help create a media plan for your business, goals and audience. Make an order, the specialist will contact you for clarifying questions and create an effective media plan. The cost of the service is 3000 r. The budget for advertising media is calculated separately.

3000 ₽

How much is a media plan?

Most of the advertising budget is the cost of buying display advertising. In the case of radio and television - this is the purchase of time (or GRP) for the broadcasting of the commercial. In print media - the purchase of advertising space / articles. To manage costs, a media plan is created with an exact description of the parameters of the advertising campaign. You can find out more about the prices in the catalog cheapmedia.ru, using calculators. And also, to see ready media plans for your business. Choose a city and media where you plan to advertise. Prices in cheapmedia.ru are market, because we already bargained for you with the sellers of advertising and agreed on discounts.

Typically, the media plan contains the following sections:

  • Media category: All media outlets will be listed in which the advertisement will be placed.
  • Goals: Description of goals and objectives of the advertising campaign, target audience actions.
  • Budget and calendar: A table in which you can see what and when the money will be spent
  • Strategy: Describes how you reach the goal
  • Projected indicators of the advertising campaign: The total score on all advertising platforms that broadcast advertising, helps to understand the scope of the target audience: the higher the GRP / coverage / number of media contacts, the more effective advertising.
  • Target audience: Description of demographic and other characteristics of the audience, which you plan to display advertising.

Media studies and media indicators

An important element in media planning is media research, as a result of which indicators are determined, necessary for optimal planning of the advertising campaign. First of all, this rating of individual media advertising. Based on the plan, the final indicators are calculated:

GRP - gross rating points. The total rating, shows the total number of contacts with the advertising appeal. TRP - target rating points. The amount of advertising campaign ratings in the target audience, that is, GRP in the target audience Coverage - coverage or coverage. Total number of people reached by the promotion Frequency. Average number of contacts with advertising per representative of the target audience Index T / U. Conformity index CPT and CPP. Cost per thousand contacts and cost per item of rating

To bring together all these indicators possible using the built-in mediaplaning tool cheapmedia. And also, orders mediaplanning specialist cheapmedia

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