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Smart advertising hypermarket

Cheapmedia - an advertising platform, an aggregator of online and offline advertising that will help you place advertising in any media in just a couple of clicks.

Our mission is to make the advertising market more transparent, so that the launch of advertising in any media and in any city is simple and fast.

You can manage advertising in all media from one cabinet. We found the sellers of advertising, negotiated discounts and combined at one site.

Need help choosing effective advertising?

Now you do not need to bypass a lot of advertising agencies and media holdings, request dozens of commercial offers - smart algorithm will pick up that advertising product which will solve your problems and will be directed to your target audience.

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Create a media plan is easier

Forget about incomprehensible presentations and media plans - using a handy designer you yourself in a few clicks to create an advertising campaign and immediately launch it. If you want to discuss an advertising campaign with colleagues or management - share with them on social networks or send it by mail. And you can always make corrections in your account.

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1. Objectively choose advertising among hundreds of advertising sites within a single site with a user-friendly interface.
2. Get the support of specialists cheapmedia.ru to create an advertising campaign
3. Advertise in different cities through a single office.
4. Service cheapmedia.ru - free. We pay the Seller as our sellers.

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Advertising agency

1. Lead your customers with cheapmedia.com and get agency rewards.
2. Form advertising strategies, media plans and share with customers in any convenient way via mail or messengers.
3. Provide high-quality service, performing calculations of estimates in a short time.
4. The whole story for each client in a single room.

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Sell advertising?

Place your promotional products in the Cheapmedia.com directory and get new customers. Working with us is easy and transparent:

1. 100% advance payment for advertising
2. New sales channel without the cost of promotion
3. Real applications for advertising, not empty requests asking to "count"
4. Access to the personal office with the ability to independently create promotional products
5. Support cheapmedia.ru specialists in the formation of promotional products

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Chipmedia.ru helps to understand advertising

How much does advertising cost?

Cheapmedia has made the advertising market transparent, showing prices to advertisers online. With the help of the service you can find out the cost of advertising in a certain media, and also to calculate a complex advertising campaign for a long time in different cities in a few clicks. And, of course, it's also easy to launch an advertising campaign in your account. Now you do not need to ring up and collect prices in different formats and spend tons of time on it. It is enough to register on the service cheapmedia and create a media plan.

Goals and the role of advertising

Before launching advertising it is important to understand the purpose of advertising. This is an important stage in your advertising campaign, which is often overlooked. Determine the purpose of the advertising campaign will help the designer of advertising in cheapmedia. Choose one or more goals that suit you. For these purposes, cheapmedia will select the most effective advertising. Advertising in business plays an important role at all stages of the company's existence.

Effective advertising

The effectiveness of advertising can be estimated before the start of advertising, as well as make more accurate analysis after the end of the advertising campaign. The effectiveness of advertising affects different factors - the right goal, the target audience, coverage, frequency of contact, advertising message and others. In the description of promotional products you will find figures on the coverage and composition of the audience. And, having composed, media plan - you will see the total projected indicators of the complex advertising campaign.

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