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How the platform works cheapmedia.ru

Who are we?
A team of ambitious professionals United around common values and goals. We offer and implement bold and bright ideas, are not afraid of responsibility and work for the result.

Mission and values
Our mission is to make the advertising market transparent, so that launching ads in any media and in any city is easy and fast. To ensure that you get high-quality service regardless of your location. We do not master budgets, but do our work effectively!

Why choose us?
Single window mode. We are all advertising for You. All of it! In any cities and in any media! We work on a turnkey basis: brand, logo, creative, website, selection of advertising channels, ad launch
We save you time, because most of the work was done for you. We found all the resources, traded discounts, and combined them on our own platform. The calculation of a complex advertising campaign takes from 5 minutes

We do not "sell" the wrong advertising, because we are focused on results and select effective advertising channels for Your business!

With us it is profitable
You don't overpay

The seller pays us as an employee for the product sold. The system is free for You, you only pay for advertising and sales services. Moreover, due to the volume, we get good discounts and share them with You.

Outsourced marketer
We can help Your marketer or partially take over their advertising functions. We will help you choose effective advertising channels, create a media plan, launch ads, and monitor their output. A detailed report is always available in your personal account.
All history in your personal account
If you change your contractor or have a new employee, they can easily get started by looking at the entire ad history in your merchant profile.

If you still have any questions, please contact us!

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