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Platform functionality for the agency

After you have registered on the cheapmedia.ru advertising platform you get access to your personal account. Picture: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/e8l1IQ4EowmEA6iNh3I8p3ubxGhHf_o-zq328qA90PZFapGnt2jSxcUOaG9NBi9Dr3gw_3JQF-l-UbrZngeZt4JaRTyf30 Opportunities to work in the office: 1.Create an advertising campaign - in the advertising catalog, choose an advertising product suitable for you, add it to the media plan (basket), add the customer's company card and advertising materials, agree on the placement with the seller, issue an invoice. 2. Advertising campaigns are media plans you create. 3. Add promotional materials to run ads 4. Add a company card to create a contract, in which you can choose from whom you can publish the media plan (from your company or from Chipmedia.ru LLC) Figure: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/h8lWlDPaXavHlAoyQD7pt4lBiqKmPdh2KlJr5GhB8YybNbZA-_-RfAkgvRA7f2Pz58OJZuAAJ2eAhmZyQJnLmsPonpXL 5. In the Profile - enter information about the employee who operates on the platform. 6. In the affiliate program (finance) track the summary, rewards, receipts, referral program. If you still have any questions, please contact us!
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