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How to create a contract?

We go to the site https://cheapmedia.ru in the upper right corner, select enter \ register.
The personal account click "company card" 

A form for filling in the company details will open in a new window. You need to enter customer and company cards here.

You can choose the classic version of the contract (standard), or the invoice-offer.


Indicate on whose behalf the publication of media plans and drafting of contracts will be.

There are 2 options:

1. You can conclude an agreement on behalf of your agency, but use the paid services of the cheapmedia.ru advertising platform through your personal account and get an agency discount for this. “Publish media plans from the company” select “YES”

2. You can conclude an agreement on behalf of Chipmedia.ru LLC for a client and after paying the invoice you will receive a cashback to your company's account. "Publish media plans from the company" click "NO"

Click the "Save Card" button.

Now in the company cards you have an agreement if you have chosen the classic option (if you have chosen the offer account, it will be in the media plan, after the media plan has been approved). Click on "Company Name".

A new window will open

Click on the contract. Now you can print it, save it, share the link with interested parties.

If you still have any questions, please contact us!

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