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What to do if the seller refuses to place an order

If the seller refused you (you will receive a notification by mail and in the LC), then first you need to find out the reason.

Request from the seller via the system cheapmedia.ru reason for refusal.

Drawing: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/LV-xizPpY7LTj9YxM33t3FYYsq7QGsuyrI-iYjKUKjpFcE8j2F2og1EkQwvC7K9OyS...
Consider the bounce options:

For the specified period, the ad platform is busy

Payment failed

Missing documents

Audio / video timing is not suitable

Discrepancy in the quality of the provided advertising material

I. t d

You need to request an alternative placement(after fixing all the shortcomings, your ad will be released in accordance with the agreement and changes) or replace the seller.
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