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How to create an agreement?

Getting started, you need to register\log in to your personal account, enter the company card (payer) in the system. to do this, you will need the customer's company card.

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Choosing the contract type:

1. model agreement (a Contract is an agreement between several persons, both individuals and legal entities, concluded orally or in writing on a voluntary basis. All persons participating in the agreement are liable for breach of contractual obligations. Depending on the method of violation, liability may be material, disciplinary, administrative, or criminal. The legal basis of contractual relations is defined in Chapter 27 of the Civil code of Russia.(http://stgkrf.ru/chast-1/razdel-3/podrazdel-2/glava-27)

2. Invoice-offer (an offer is an invitation to receive a service that the consumer can receive, refuse, or ignore. Moreover, the terms of service and the cost of the service are determined by the Offeror independently, in connection with which the supplier assumes certain obligations unilaterally. (http://gkodeksrf.ru/ch-1/rzd-3/podrzd-2/gl-28/st-435-gk-rf)

For operational work, we recommend using the offer invoice. it is easy to use. Paperwork is a thing of the past.

Fill in the details of the company that is the payer for the advertising campaign, line “ On the Basis of "is registered manually according to your documents and then click "Save card".

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The agreement is located in your personal account. In order to print it, you need to go to your personal account in the upper-right corner (Ivan Ivanov), click on "company Card", and select the payer's card by name.
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Click on the contract

For your convenience, developers Cheapmedia.ru we have implemented all the options for using the agreement that are available through your personal account.

In a new window, you will see a link to the agreement, which you can use mobile or share in electronic format. You can also print the agreement, export it to PDF or Word.

The contract is printed out in two copies, signed by the Agent and the Client. After signing, each party has one original document, and you can start running ads.

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