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How to confirm orders from customers?

In order to check the Orders that have appeared, you need to log in \ register in your personal account, and you will also receive a notification to your email.

In your personal account, you will see a new notification about received requests in “Orders".

Go to the order itself .

Drawing: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nYqXAn6ceYBu41yZdxmCEEnQzIT_cPrEZzq_8XLcbB-haRB_rnWncQPhFQpT9zk9IV...

Check the information about the order (placement period, "Price”," Comments“, in the” Advertising materials " tab, check and coordinate attachments with your lawyers).

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If the order is not correct, click the no product placement option button and specify the reason for the customer to correct the ad campaign.

Drawing: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/Mase3TPLNcMBAI4ElNQUemuQ6rr2bktqSlfLcrnU3_Cf1gPqpdQJmTT1NghWms9DHI...

Select the "launch option" button if all the necessary information is available to go live, and wait for your order to go to the next stage “Invoice paid”.

You will receive a notification by email about the payment of the invoice by the Advertiser on <url> LLC. Your task is to attach the account in the system for Yul, LLC “Ipmedia.<url>”, to pay for your services.

Click save and a new window will appear.

After receiving funds to your current account, click on the " Payment received”

You have successfully launched the order. After the end of the advertising campaign, you need to attach a placement report for the advertiser, as well as closing documents to the address of Cheapmedia.ru

If you still have any questions, please contact us!

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