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Additional services cheapmedia.ru (marketer, development of advertising strategies)

cheapmedia.ru-service advertising Agency. We provide turnkey marketing services: from strategy to creating a brand and launching an advertising campaign.

For clients, we offer outsourced marketing services. This is convenient:

There is a team of 3 people with different experience and competencies

It is convenient to pay to a Bank account

Independence - we plan our own work and provide a report

Working on the result

Small business Marketer outsourcing Strategic marketing
For small businesses, we offer advertising launch services in all media. Selecting effective advertising channels, setting up advertising cabinets, creating advertising materials, and launching them.
The marketer is assigned to the client for operational functions for the product, sales channels, pricing, advertising and PR. Weekly / if necessary, planning meetings.

A marketing strategy is developed for the client: analysis of the market, competitors, consumers, and selection of segments.

It will be convenient and profitable for you to work with us
A marketing strategy is developed for the client: analysis of the market, competitors, consumers, and selection of segments.

We save you time, because most of the work was done for You. We found all the advertising resources, traded discounts, and combined them on our own platform cheapmedia.ru. The calculation of a complex advertising campaign takes from 5 minutes. We do not " sell” the wrong ads, because we are focused on the result and select advertising channels that are effective for the client's business!

Head, hands and feet to help a full-time marketer
The new marketer in the state Marketer by outsourcing from Keepmedia.roo
One person with their own experience and skills a team Of three people with different experience and skills
Additional costs for payment of insurance premiums and pension funds Payment to the current account with or without VAT as convenient for the customer
We need to set goals and control Them. we set our own goals, coordinate them, and work together. We provide the report ourselves
It is necessary to organize a workplace there Is no need for a workplace, there is a convenient meeting room for meetings with the customer in the Technopark or the marketer comes to the customer as needed
Always " at hand” Always in touch in a chat or on the phone
Types of services:
Creating a comprehensive media plan
Market segmentation
Product and packaging development
The choice of sales channels
Promotion (advertising and PR)
Creating presentations and scripts
Development and implementation of an advertising project
Marketing support
Marketing research
Export marketing
Market analysis for export
Preparing the product for export
Calculation of export pricing
Selection of export sales channels
Advertising and PR of the exported product
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You can use the service through your personal account or contact us!

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