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How do I create an agreement?

Seller \ ad seller sells advertising products on the advertising platform on its own behalf cheapmedia.ru.
More information can be found at the link https://cheapmedia.ru/cooperation/seller/
To create a contract, Log in\ register in your personal account on the site Cheapmedia.ru

Select the” company Card " tab

Add your company's business card

Fill in the form correctly and click " Save card”

The contract has been drawn up and is located in the LC, click on the name of your organization

Click on your agreement

A separate window opens with a link to the agreement

For your convenience, developers Cheapmedi.ru we have implemented all options for using the agreement, available both through the personal account and without if there is a link to the agreement.

In a new window, you will see a link to the agreement, which you can use so that your agreement is always at hand. You can also print the agreement and export it to PDF or Word.

The contract is printed out in two copies and signed by the Agent and the Client. After signing, each party still has the original document, and you can start adding advertising products.

If you still have any questions, please contact us!
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