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What types of advertising can be launched using Cheapmedia?

Our mission is to combine all kinds of advertising on the platform cheapmedia.ru so that the advertiser could launch advertising anywhere in the world, in any media from a single office. For today we have already united online and offline advertising platforms in Russia in many cities.

In the catalog cheapmedia.ru today there is a TV advertising, advertising on the radio, outdoor advertising, interior advertising, advertising in the Internet, transport and services for the production of promotional materials. Each type of advertising is divided into even more narrow formats.

For example, television advertising is presented in the form of direct advertising in advertising blocks, as well as in the form of sponsorship packages and news stories in regional programs. Advertising on the radio is analogous to a television broadcast in the form of direct advertising in blocks, as well as in the form of sponsorship packages. Interior advertising is presented in the form of advertising in elevators, supermarkets, business centers, cars and railway stations, airports - in the places of accumulation of a certain target audience.

Outdoor advertising is pre-mounted in the catalog cheapmedia.ru in the form of standard static formats of shields 3x6 meters, as well as in reduced city-formats, video screens and other types. Advertising on the Internet is presented in the form of direct banner advertising, direct video advertising, native advertising, which is organically embedded in the content. And also you can place interviews, news and articles in regional and federal publications.

In addition to advertising with the help of Chipmedia, you can create advertising materials, including layout design, production of audio and video clips, printing of any formats, promoters' services.

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