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Study. What advertising channels are suitable for an online store

Study. What advertising channels are suitable for an online store


At one of the marketing events, we came across interesting data that we would like to share with you. They clearly show under which type of business one or another advertising channel is effective. The study was conducted by the platform for creating InSales sites. Details on the slide below:

We do not give generalized data, because they have less practical meaning, and focus on more interesting indicators. The first diagram shows whether you need a manager and what proportion of orders he will place, and which part of the orders the client will place on his own. The data is distributed by business topics, so you can easily find yourself:

Recall that the data is relevant for small and medium-sized stores that are created on the Insales platform. For larger stores and aggregators, sources may vary.

The next slide talks about the sources of orders in clothes. An order is when a client has not just switched to a website, but placed an order. So, the diagram shows that search networks (organic traffic) are in the lead, then direct visits and searches in Yandex. Moreover, the share of search advertising in Google is noticeably smaller. But social networks VK and Instagram have large shares of 8%, so think about activity on social networks if you are not already doing it.

If you are selling children's products, then the picture is a bit different. Organic search Yandex, Google, direct visits - the data is similar as with clothing stores. But Instagram overtook search advertising in Yandex. Direct. The “portals and sites” (these are thematic aggregators and directories) as well as Yandex.Market also appeared in the top. Please note that the share of Yandex.Market is growing, which means that it is convenient for consumers to buy children's products in one place - these are platforms or aggregators, where there is a wider choice.

Food. By products, the picture has changed even more. A large share of direct traffic is 32%! Yandex and Google share a share of 19%, and together all three sources account for 70% of orders. Of the new channels, it is worth noting affiliate programs and coupons, orders of which account for 5%.

Sport. HLS. Tourism. In this category, organic traffic from search engines and direct traffic account for 58% of orders. And search advertising and Yandex.Market are gaining a share.

Electronics and household appliances. The Yandex aggregator prevails in this category. Market. This can be explained by the fact that people know what gadget they want and compare prices in stores / delivery conditions, etc. Marketers take a share from organic search and paid traffic in search engines.

Household products. In this category, a radically different picture. The main source of orders is Google ADS. And Yandex.Market is gradually gaining popularity. This can be explained by the fact that the market has not yet overheated, so the paid search pays off.

In the next section, we will consider each channel separately. This is convenient if you want to understand which industries are better “entering” in it. Building materials, jewelry, pet supplies prevail in Yandex search

In a Google search, a different picture prevails. Computers, baby products and food are often ordered here. The audience of Yandex and Google is noticeably different!

Vkontakte social network is dominated by the proportion of orders for clothes, shoes and gifts.

But on Instagram - children's products are in the lead! And pay attention to how few product groups are suitable for instagram.