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Services of an advertising agency and how to choose it?

Services of an advertising agency and how to choose it?


In this article we will analyze the types of advertising services. About what services advertising agencies usually provide and how much they cost.

Types of advertising services

Advertising Agency Services

What advertising services do you need to run an advertisement?

Cost of advertising services

To get started, let's figure out what types of advertising services are. All advertising services can be divided into three large groups:

Development of advertising strategies and media planning

Production of advertising materials (design, voiceovers, shooting and editing videos, advertising structures, etc.)

Setting up and running advertising campaigns

In the advertising market there are companies that provide all types of advertising services - such companies are called full-cycle agencies. But often, small agencies focus on providing individual services. For example, they are engaged in the production of video or audio clips. Or design. Here you decide who is more convenient to work with - in single-window mode or choose a contractor in a separate direction.

What advertising services will you need to run an advertising campaign:

Creative strategy. Here you need to determine the goals of advertising, the target audience. Then you need to think about what you will say in advertising so that customers want to do what you ask. If you have any difficulties in this direction, creative agencies and full-cycle agencies will help here. They usually learn in detail about your business and offer their own advertising and creative strategies. The services of advertising agencies are presented in the catalog - choose the most suitable contractor or contact our specialist for help.

Advertising strategy. At this stage, it is important to determine what types of promotional materials you will use and choose effective communication channels with your target audience. For example, you understand that you can put your advertising message in a short video. Therefore, you will need advertising channels that are designed for video - Youtube, Television, video screens, etc. Once you have selected all the advertising channels and calculated the cost of placement, you should get a media plan that says when which channel shows ads and for how long. Using you can independently create a media plan from different media. And if you have any questions - write to our specialist - we will help you create the first media plan and put it into operation together.

Promotional materials. Preparation of advertising materials is the most important stage in an advertising campaign. Advertising materials must comply with the developed creative concept and achieve the goals of the advertising campaign. Usually, you can check any advertising material using the criteria assessment methodology:

Advertising attracts attention

Advertising is clear

Advertising contains an incentive to action

Try a 10-point scale to evaluate each criterion. If the total score is close to 30 - you have excellent promotional materials. In the catalog you will find services for the production of promotional materials from design to the production of audio and video. If you still have questions about the production, call our specialist.

The cost of advertising services is significantly different and depends on several factors:

Time spent on work. If you have ambitious plans to promote the product immediately throughout Russia or you need to place an advertisement in a local newspaper, the cost of advertising services will differ significantly.

Quality of work. For example, you can shoot a commercial on your phone, or you can rent a movie camera worth from 500 thousand rubles. Here you decide, it all depends on your budget and advertising goals.

You can compare the cost of advertising services in the catalog in the services section and choose the most suitable contractor for your goals and budget.

In the catalog of the advertising platform cheapmedia you will find options for online and offline advertising for a store, website, bank, services, etc. Here are presented various advertising products in the media categories: TV, Radio, Printed publications, Internet, outdoor advertising, advertising production.

With the help of advertising filters you can choose effective advertising options for your audience and advertising goals. Among the advertising products you can find out the prices for advertising, choose the most profitable advertising offers. And also, using cheapmedia to buy online advertising in different cities as in a regular online store.

On chipmedia, current ads for 2018 - 2019 are presented and it is constantly updated with new advertising products.

If you are an exporter, you can calculate the cost and run advertising in various countries.