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Types of interior advertising and how to evaluate its effectiveness?

Types of interior advertising and how to evaluate its effectiveness?


From this article you will find answers to the following questions:

Interior advertising. Formats

Elevator Advertising

Advertising on video screens

Mirror Advertising

Banner advertising

Audio advertising

Printing of interior advertising

Production of interior advertising

Interior advertising types

Supermarket Advertising

Advertising in Shopping Centers

Advertising in business centers

Advertising in the MFC (multifunctional centers)

Residential Advertising

Cinema Advertising

Advertising in bus stations

Airport Advertising

Advertising at railway stations

Interior advertising price

Interior advertising materials (audio, video, layouts)

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In the interiors of public buildings, you can often find advertising. This is precisely the interior advertising - advertising, which is placed inside the building. One of the most popular types of interior advertising is advertising in elevators of residential buildings. Each resident of a high-rise building usually uses an elevator and during the trip a person can carefully examine the ads inside the elevator. You can find interior advertising on mirrors, on video screens, on various banners or even on the internal radio in shopping centers.

To place interior advertising, you will need advertising materials: an advertising layout, video or audio clip. Services for the production of promotional materials can be found in the catalog Services for printing interior advertising are often already included in the price of accommodation.

You can find interior advertising in supermarkets. For example, on video screens at the box office or on the internal radio in the trading floor. In shopping centers there are entire advertising spaces where you can place your ad. Interior advertising appeared in multifunctional centers, airports, railway and bus stations. If you come to the cinema, then before watching the movie you will be shown another type of interior advertising - advertising in cinemas.

The cost of interior advertising consists of the price of placement, production of advertising materials and installation. Often production and installation are included in the cost of accommodation. It is better to specify this information in advance - it can be found in the product description in the catalog. The cost is affected by the size of the advertising materials. For example, the module in elevators of size A5 will differ significantly from A4 or A3.

In the catalog of the advertising platform cheapmedia you will find options for online and offline advertising for a store, website, bank, services, etc. Here are presented various advertising products in the media categories: TV, Radio, Printed publications, Internet, outdoor advertising, advertising production.

With the help of advertising filters you can choose effective advertising options for your audience and advertising goals. Among the advertising products you can find out the prices for advertising, choose the most profitable advertising offers. And also, using cheapmedia to buy online advertising in different cities as in a regular online store.

On chipmedia, current ads for 2018 - 2019 are presented and it is constantly updated with new advertising products.

If you are an exporter, you can calculate the cost and run advertising in various countries.