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How to run ads in another city yourself?

How to run ads in another city yourself?


How to run ads in another city yourself?

Your business is growing and expanding. And now the day has come when it became clear to you that the local market is crowded. It's time to scale and go with your proposal to the neighboring cities and regions.

“Where can we get customers?”, “Here we are already known, and there we are“ aliens ”,“ There we have enough suppliers, how do we get there? ”And other“ terrible ”thoughts in this spirit first of all climb into your head.

 When you exit not neighboring markets need to think in a positive way!

Namely: “Our clients are everywhere, they just do not know about us yet!”.

  So our primary task is to tell clients about us and our offers.

 How to do it? We start advertising!

Since the city is new and the advertising market is not explored by us for better placement, there are three ways how to run ads in another city:

1. Find an advertising agency in the region and contact it. When choosing an agency, be guided by its “age”, time of its presence in the market of the region. Because we need experience, and he, as we know, comes with time. Find and study reviews about the agency, do not be afraid to call and find out from companies the opinion on working with it.

· Advantages of working with an agency: an integrated approach to solving problems, interaction with all traditional and online media in the region.

· Cons: agencies take a commission for services, tend to delay with proposals because of workload.

2. The second method - you independently apply to several media / advertising sites of the region you need, request offers from them. After that, choose where you place your advertising, based on budget and common sense.

· Pros: many sites make significant discounts, when the client personally, and not through the agency.

· Cons: each advertising platform, whether it be a TV channel, a radio station or a newspaper, will in vain tell how great it is to accommodate them, and how unprofitable / inefficient in other media, by all means trying to get your company as a client. In this case, it is easy to get confused without having sufficient knowledge in the field of advertising, and to lower the budget in vain.

3. There is one more way; entrepreneurs are increasingly resorting to it to save time and nerves - this is the advertising service There are collected and online updated offers of various advertising sites in almost all regions of the country and abroad.

· Pros: convenience and speed. You register, choose the desired region, city, and, based on the goals of your advertising campaign, the service will offer you several types of accommodation, including both traditional media and social. networks, native advertising on the Internet; will allow you to set up advertising messages in Yandex Direct and Google AdWords. Also from the advertising office you can order the creation of the necessary layouts, audio / video clips, printed products.

And that's it! You will only have to agree on the timing of the advertising campaign and launch it.

· Of minor drawbacks: while not all media are present in the service, but is actively developing, new cities are connecting every day.

Otherwise, this service saves a lot of time, it takes no more than 15 minutes to create and launch an advertising campaign.

Further, already in the course of work, we gradually test the market, studying the reaction of customers to our advertising message, in parallel we investigate competitive offers, adjust and create the best conditions.

We hope our material was useful to you.

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Financial well-being and grateful customers!