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Head of Dmitry Gupalo

Head of Dmitry Gupalo


Dmitry Gupalo was born in the village. Sumykino (Tyumen region) February 28, 1983 Higher education, graduated from Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, majoring in marketing in 2006. In 2013 he received the MBA qualification. From 2007 to 2016 he worked at Sibinformbureau - he went from a marketer to a project manager How did the idea of ​​creating Cheapmedia come about? I worked as a marketer in a large media holding for 9 years. I saw all the advantages and disadvantages of the advertising market - the cost of advertising, the complexity of negotiating and selecting an advertising product, the inability to evaluate the quality and create a comprehensive advertising campaign. Therefore, the idea arose - to create a platform that unites all kinds of advertising products. All advertising in one button. It's so convenient: you can create and launch an advertising campaign from your personal cabinet. Without intermediaries and coordination! Fast advertising for business. Moreover, for the customer our service is free, we are paid by the seller for the sale of advertising. There were a lot of difficulties, from the technical development of the platform to the first investments. But we have coped and are moving forward, embracing all new cities and countries. A strong team is a special pride of Cheapmedia. Now there are developers and marketers in the state. Permanent training, participation in conferences and meetings gives the opportunity to develop to each specialist. Ahead of Cheapmedia there are many important events. In 2017, we covered 1% of the advertising market and our company has every chance to increase these figures several times !!