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Advertisers: aggregators vs agency.

Advertisers: aggregators vs agency.


In Russia, the advertising market by the beginning of 2018 compared to the previous one grew by 14%. At the same time, the fastest growing segment was advertising on the Internet, which confirms its development by 22% since 2017.
Such data are given in the studies of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR). Add to this the fact that the number of Internet users over 16 years old in the year of 2017 was 86.5 million and most of them are adults, including businessmen, and we will get a very clear conclusion: the transition of large agencies and advertisers to aggregators is a phenomenon, which is gaining momentum faster and that's why.

Aggregators offer useful functions.

All, without exception, full-fledged catalogs and aggregators offer a variety of ratings, calculators, filters and other necessary functions that can solve the task of searching and comparing more effectively. This proves the value of aggregators for the market. They help not only to earn small companies and businesses, but also to find the right products and services for ordinary users.

Aggregators provide useful analytics, advice and recommendations for business development.

Thanks to the aggregators, it becomes possible to more efficiently adjust pricing for popular services from a number of clients, to provide more accurate work of prospective telephone calls, operator work schedules and much more.

Aggregators save time for small businesses.

To effectively perform lidogeneration requires the presence of at least six specialists (analyst, designer, programmer, SEO specialist, specialist in working with contextual advertising, manager). All this list can replace the partner on лидогенерации.

And this is only a few pluses that lie on the surface.

Behind the small advertising platforms is a great prospect, but not one by one, but on one platform.
We are sure that in two years all advertising opportunities will be bought via the Internet, including offline advertising. For example, today with the help of any advertising seller can create an online store. Behind the small advertising platforms is a great prospect, but not one by one, but on one platform. A large advertiser will not contract with all small sites, and the agency may not know about their existence. Active sales do not help anymore, because advertising products on the market more and more. There is also a growing demand for advice on the selection of the most effective advertising channels.

Thus, the transition of advertising agencies to aggregators is a planned trend that is rapidly developing, and this means that the advertising business will noticeably improve its efficiency.