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Features of advertising in elevators

Features of advertising in elevators


In this article we will consider the features of advertising in elevators. After reading, you will understand - this type of advertising is suitable for your business or not. What types of advertising in elevators are and how effective is it.

So, the elevator is the place where the average resident of a multi-story building travels at least twice a day - in the morning when he goes to work and in the evening, returning from work. In the morning, a person needs to get to work - for this, your advertisement for a taxi or delivery of food to the office will help him. Advertising of a store with promotional goods, so that after work he comes in and buys home products. Returning home, you can interest residents of the house with leisure, local services within walking distance and other goods / services: from construction and repair to children's clothing. This is especially true for local services and stores that find it difficult to compete with network brands.

Advertising in elevators usually has a limited number of formats - either pasting mirrors, or a special advertising stand with several ads. Sometimes you can carefully brand and beat the button in the elevator. Perfect for your business, if you have something to press, for example, an advertisement for a TV channel beaten with a button from the remote control.

Advertisements in elevators are placed for at least a month, usually from the first day. The cost of printing is often included in the placement, but it is better to clarify this point in advance. In the catalog this information can be found in the product description.

Is elevator advertising legal? Only permitted advertising products are placed in catalog, when connecting, we always ask for permission and documents.

How much is advertising in elevators? Typically, elevator advertising is sold by sector. For example, you will not be able to buy ads in only one entrance or house. For convenience, the city is divided into sectors and you can choose the sector that is most suitable for your business. For example, if you need an audience in the city center - choose sectors closer to the center. Thus, you will place ads immediately throughout the area. The cost depends on the number of elevator cabins, the more there are - the higher the cost. The cost is affected by the size of the advertisement. For example, A4 costs more than A5, etc. In the catalog, you can independently calculate the cost of advertising in elevators in different cities and run it in your account.

To start advertising, you need advertising material. Usually this is a mockup or commercial (if a video screen is installed in the elevator). Pay attention to what size you want and the format - vertical or horizontal. If you don’t have a layout, our specialists will help you develop it. You can find design services in the catalog.

If you have additional questions about advertising in elevators - call or write to our specialists. We will contact you and advise on various types of advertising.